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The French-American, Composer, Improviser, Soundpainter, teacher Etienne Rolin born in Berkeley California in 1952 has a catalogue of over one thousand works which reveal a marked taste for eclecticism ranging from solo to opera through big band charts. Following degrees in Music and Philopsohy (University of San Francisco he moved to Paris in 1974 to work with Messiaen, Xenakis Franco Donatoni Nadia Boulanger .

He has been highly involved with interdisciplinary projects linking music danse théater and visual arts through the Soundpainting language. He is in frequent performance mode on Hindustani Bansuri flute and on basset horn. Twenty original works have been written for his Bansuri –Mandoline project with soloist Vincent Beer-Demander. He is Analysis professor Improvisation Workshop director for Soundpaininting and has been teaching at Bordeaux Conservatory from 1985 to the present day 2016/17.

He is the author of four books (in French) Emerging Ear being the most recent and are available through a publishing association Editons Tempéraments he co-founded in Bordeaux (www.temperaments.fr) He has published numerous recordigs of his music. His music has been premired by Ars Nova, Ensemble 2E 2M Ensemble Intercontemporain and by soloists such as Claude Delangle, Pierre-Yves Artaud, John Kenny, David Taylor, Etienne Péclard,Vincent Beer-Demander;  Jazz-Improvisation collaborations with Steve Lacy Jerry Bergonzi, Daniel Humair, Vinko Globokar, Bernard Lubat, Joëlle Léandre, Glen Ferris, Kent Carter, Walter Thompson.

As a master class clinician Etienne Rolin gives concert-conferences on real time composition (soundpainting) and multi cultural influences in new music (crossover jazz contemporary Hindustani music electronics).

He can address any instrumental vocal group from 10 to 200 performers including actors dancers and visual artists conceiving a short concert the day of the workshop.

The goal for the participating performers is to enlarge performance perception. Some may wish to be introduces to conducting skills working with improvisors through real time orchestration. He can likewise share the rich teachings received from Messiaen, Xenakis Franco Donatoni Nadia Boulanger from jazz giants Steve Lacy and Jerry Bergonzi as well as Indian masters Harisparad Chaurasia Harsh and Vishal Wardhan.

2015 /2016 or the year of increasing projects around the Bansuri flute.

A rich enterprise linking Bordeaux Marseille and New York is the call for scores organized by Vox Novus and the « 15minutes of Fame » concept.I join with virtuoso mandolin artist Vincent Beer-Demander to progrma 15 new works in miniature form. We prepare this endeavor with our own project this month in Marseille. A program of works around the theme of composition and Improvisation. New works  to be performed on february 20 in Marseille  include :

Piamandomars mandolin piano duo

Automates Reveurs ommaggio à Phillip Glass Plecrtum quartet

Expansions for Mandole solo

Esprit de l’Est for Bansuri flute and Mandoline

Basset with Strings attached  basset horn mandolin guitar trio

On february 21 returns to  Marseille Cité Radieuse (LeCorbusier)

A solo bansuri recital (raga Jogkauns) then duo concert basset horn electric guitar with composer Philippe Festou.


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  1. NEW works include Shadow Sextet (FL.OB.B.CL Marimba, Harp VLC.) written for ‘NAT 28 ensemble Pittsburgh and jazz palettes for Soundpainting with th Chile Conchali Big Band. New reserach projects include work with Shlomo Dubnov on Py-Oracle a computer programme for for real -time analysis, segmentation and development in relation to an improvising musician. September 2 for the Cenon -Bordeaux Temp’Ora international meeting Cyborg Song to be premiered by Janice Jackson coloratura soprano with many extended techniques and a visual installation by artist Jutta Irion.


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